Monday, April 18, 2011

Fashion Statement.

Woke Up In The Morning going places and by coincidence I met a friend of mine at the Bus Rank. She had a shoot for her own Blog and she asked me to join in on it.
I photographed well.
But the Fashion Says it all in the Picture.
You Go Boi.

Then all of the king and all of the queens they tried so hard to seek Boitumelo "Twizer" Mpedi.
"Don't Be A Stranger To Your Own Being".

Friday, April 15, 2011

Life As A Meteoirite,.


We Live In the World Of Race. And we never realise how other people have potential. I just realized how chinese people have Style. And It is Amazing. Just take a look at this Woman.

She was born on May 22, 1987. She became China's Most Elite Models and has achieved a lot in a short space of time.

Tao Okamoto's first agency was Elite to which she signed on in 2006. She made her first runway debut on the Emanuel Ungaro and Martin Grant shows in Paris that same year.The next year, she walked her first New York Fashion Week shows for Marc Jacobs and Cynthia Steffe. Marking her first work for a fashion magazine was her Glamour editorial in 2007.
Teen Vogue called her a "rising star" in September 2009, and featured her as "Girl of the Moment" in its December/January 2010 issue. Vogue Japan dedicated its November 2009 magazine cover and all of the magazines editorials to her, noting her as a supermodel-in-rising. She has appeared in advertising campaigns for Ralph Lauren, Benetton, HM, GAP, Zac Posen, Kenneth Cole, and Uniqlo Heattech. She has appeared in editorials for Allure, Harper's Bazaar, V magazine, and Chinese, Japanese, French, American, and Russian Vogue.

Friday, April 8, 2011

How to Photograph |

To all those aspiring Fashion Photographers here you go : How to Photograph | Tyra shows you how and explains it step by step.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Newest Edition To The Afriqué™ Boy Clan. (^^,)

Charles Diawyn ™

The latest edition, an eye candy and sexy replica. Born and breed to be the best. Is feisty and weird. Has the sexiest tan and Is a drop dead killer. 

80's Classics.

Our Ancestors bedazzled Fashion like no one's business but didn't classify it as Couture back then.
One thing they got right was the dress code but then again there were Fashion malfunctions here and there.
In the nowadays we refer our ancestors most loathed fashion as VINTAGE.  

Men Will Be Men!!! o.O

If only men would be Women and stop being all masculine. They would actually realize that Fashion is at their knees and that many clothing is made for 'em. I'd advice 'em to Embrace it and Rule like the Kings they are.
It was made for him not her, but her rocks it "Better".

· • · JANET · Miss Jackson Takes On the Santa Barbara Bowl · • ·

· • · JANET · Miss Jackson Takes On the Santa Barbara Bowl · • ·

She is the Best at everything. Her music depicts her Fashion and she responds to it.
The Iconic JJ.
We [ <3 ] You

Men Galore.

Men are always forgotten in the Fashion Industry and alot of Women embraced. It is time for 'em to shine and be the best at what they do.  :) Reign on Men. 

Teshawn Miller™

Teshawn Miller™
“He has that thing people want more than anything and is considered a threat amongst the human specimen”.
“Starting with his most wanted asset his physique, his flamboyant attitude and masculine symmetrical face”.
The ‘Swaggermuffer ’ defined male arrogance in a different version of DIVO’s.
The lifetime disease that obsesses over skin.