Thursday, February 9, 2012

Photonessence ; Part 2 : PREVIDAR

I have recently gotten to know Lawrence and he really does amazing work, he recently started an Online Magazine that stresses how people treat homosexuals and how they are only human beings as much as the average person.

I think you all would be enlightened to know more : 

PREVIDAR (Fashion, Sexual Politics, Photography and Blogs, etc.)

 "It is about representing a gay individual in a way that's dignified. The idea is to get rid of negative gay stereotypes and teach the society about Homosexuality. Everyone involved in my magazine is Homosexual, article writers, editors and stylists. Further on we also discuss the Gay Lifestyle and share thoughts of a straight individual towards homosexuals".

"I just want the world to know that being gay is Natural through Photography". 

For More Info About PREVIDAR ;
Facebook : Previdar
The online is not yet up but you can contact through Facebook or (Lawrence Katlego Manyapelo) on Facebook or (@LawrencaBLED) his Twitter Handle.  

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Photonessence ; Part 1 : LAWRENCABLE

Lawrence Katlego Manyapelo

Lawrence Manyapelo brings 7 years experience into professional photography. The combination of his interest in design, multimedia and photography provides a well-rounded platform for visual communication. His interest in photography peaked when he held his first manual Kodak camera at the age 14.

Lawrence Manyapelo is a multimedia Designer, photographer, photo-editor and creative director.

Quote : "I really never thought of myself as a Photographer".

However, I loved photographs especially when a human spirit is captured in an artful manner or just truthful way. I found myself several times paging through Vogue Magazine – just looking at photographs. I did not know what that meant. In high school I was an amateur photographer. 2011 is the year that I really explored my abilities in photography. After my first exhibition in 2011 I finally decided I was a photographer when my work was also featured on COUP magazine. 2012 is the year that I will venture more into fashion photography.

For More Info and Contact about Lawrence (LAWRENCABLE) ;
                : Lawrence Katlego Manyapelo
Twitter : @LawrencaBLED