Friday, January 11, 2013

Mystical Prescence : Lee-Che Janecke

I believe he is a strong force that is yet to be seen more often since he is part of one phenomenal group by the name V.I.N.T.A.G.E. He has style and always strives to kill and rock Vintage clothing. To me he is like a muse. Indulge ^_^

His Version Of Events :

1. Take us through your version of events of last year!
Ohhhh Damn!!!! The year 2012?!!Hol'up.... Lemme catch my breath! LoL.Sjoe!...Honestly? Thee best year of my life. From the beginning of the year it was evident that cultural impact was gonna be rampant.We impacted South Africa,basically.Worked with very talented people,did some amazing gigs, took part in dope competitions and the list goes on. All in All 2012 went from great opportunities to even greater life lessons being learned. I thank my family V.I.N.T.A.G.E for all of this.

2. How has 2012 inspired you fashion wise and just based on your life with Vintage crew?
In retrospect,I would say that we decided to take a stance and consciously change social perspective as a whole just as the year begun.Thus,based on my life with V.I.N.T.A.G.E,the fashion was BOLDER,LOUDER and PROUDER. 2012 I was inspired by the need to look like an individual.If someone did it already, I wasn't about to do it as well.Originality was key with fashion.

3. How has your style changed from last year?
I wouldn't say my style had a drastic change.I'm still very experimental.Just now I am even more comfortable in my own skin than what I was before.I still approach everyday like a new challenge.I want to be a different character everyday and this is expressed through my fashion.

4. What inspires your hair change?
Haha! I always get this question. Firstly I would like to give props to the hairstylist who has been doing my hair since I was born, my mom. She brings my visions to life. I guess with me being a free spirit and all,inspiration always hits.Nature, fashion, people ,birds ,anything. LOL! As Gaga would say, I am the SPIRIT OF MY HAIR!!!

5. What lies ahead for Vintage and you?
I dream big and I'm proud of that fact, so everything that lies ahead needs to be bigger than what we've done before.The key now is creating moments that will go down in history. Being Legendary. Being Iconic,that's the tip I'm on now. The world is yet to experience the magic of V.I.N.T.A.G.E. Right now I'm focused on going international with the 'gift' I was blessed with.

6. How did it feel being on stage with Lady GaGa?
-Aaaaaaaah!!! A blessing. Destiny being fulfilled. My dream in front of me.It was so surreal.I was literally in tears during the whole show,because this is the woman who inspired me to be FREE! Be an individual. Be original. Be everything I wanted to be.I'm getting emotional even talking about this.It just made me realise that my dreams aren't far fetched.God is watching and made it happen. I danced in front of her.She gave me a tiara and called me 'Princess'.She kissed me.Mother Monster spoke to me.I said I'll meet her,now I will perform on stages around the world with her.I was BORN THIS WAY. Owwwwww!!

7. Words Of Inspiration To Others Out There!!
Take it upon yourself to be an individual guys. Don't be what someone else already is.Its okay to be different. Its fine for people to laugh at you. Don't be insecure. Dream big.Love whole heartedly. I know its a jumbalaya of words, but honestly what sets me apart from everyone else is because I am just that, ME! I am Lee-che'. Be that for yourself.

When in doubt...POUT :*

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