Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dance Theatrics

1. Who is Jeremy Copeland?
Wow thats kind of a hard question for me to answer. Jeremy Copeland is a rebel, he does everything opposite of everyone else, and just stands out of crowd. Work ethic is out this world and complete vision probably will never be met because he's always want more!!

2. What do you do for a living and how long have you been doing it? 3. What inspired you to do it?
Well I am Celebrity Choreographer with MSA Agency ( Leading Global Agency in Dance and Choreography Representation ). I am also a writer at LA Fashion Magazine and I model. Been working in this field since I was 14 years old.

3. What inspired you to do it?
Well I love the Entertainment and Fashion Industry. Its full of excitement and everyday is different. I want to make a difference and the biggest way to influence people these days are through these two industries. I enjoy making people smile, changing someones mood and watching people go from nothing to having the world in their hands! Thats why I do what i do.

4. Who have you worked with that has brought a positive influence in your life?
Well I have been blessed to work with so many amazing celebrities. Everyone that I have worked with have been a positive influence and has taught me something. i have had the pleasure of working with celebs from all works of the industry such as Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Tyra Banks, Angela Basset, Rihanna, Eminem, Brandy, Lil Kim, Neyo, Mario Lopez,Nicki Minaj, BlackStreet and ETC. Super blessed and super humbled by each experience.They all taught me that its possible to make my dreams come true!

5. What do you have planned in the next 2 years to come?
In the next two years I plan to Choreograph for a couple of major artists such as Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez ( Fingers Crossed )/ Dance for Britney Spears, Launch my apparel line, Sign with a major modeling agency, Become an Editor at LA Fashion Magazine and just continue to inspire and make magic through my gifts.

6. Who is your influence?
My influence is Jay Z! I love his work ethic and just the professional name he has made for himself. How he is a family man and still a boss! Thats the man I hope to be someday.

7. Visions :
I do not want to expose my full vision because people are evil and will try to mess it up but know I am looking to inspire.! HAHA


8. Who is your style icon?
Style Icon for me has to be Pharrell Williams, I love his clean chic look! Never disappoints. His style is clean and not boring!

9. What caresses your sense of style?
My sense of Style is based off how I feel. Its very random and out there. Im not afraid to try new things. I love to wear pieces that will make people stare.

10. What can't you live without in your closet?
OMG I cannot live without my Black Boots!!!! There is NO WAY!!! And Harem Pants!!! An Addiction.

11. 5 Favourite(s) in your Closet?
  • Boots
  • Black Dsquared Harem Pants
  • Commes De Garcon Leather Mickey Mouse Hat
  • Hermes Black Belt
  • Louis Vuitton Book Bag
12. Any advice for people who want to work in your line of profession? 
Best advice would be to study and work hard. Remember this is a business and its about branding yourself. Every move u make is being watched and judged so be careful. Know everything there is to know about this business, get a good mentor and remember nothing is entitled to you , you must put in work and work your way to the top.

For More Information About Jeremy;
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Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Powerful Gesture

"I wanna be a model", that is almost each and every teenagers line. Being a successful high fashion runway model requires much more than just drop-dead gorgeous looks. You need to have all that and more : Passion. Some people are able to overcome half of the things they go through to be exactly that "a human mannequin".

1. Who is Diego?
I'm a professional catwalk and fashion model currently working and living in the UK, London. I was born in the Dominican Republic, Monte Plata, 22 December 1988.

2. What does he do for a living?
I am currently working as a catwalk and fashion model in partnership with 7SevenManagement, which is a Talent agency working along with other successful modeling agencies.
3. What got you into modeling?
I had always been fascinated by the fashion industry; I knew it was something I could do.

4.What/who inspired you to start modeling?
In my late teens a close friend of mine suggested that I should try modeling and I did.

5. Who is your style icon?
My style Icon will have to be Mat Gordon - one of the most successful male models in the world. He always delivers and his sense of style and success still inspires me in my everyday work.

6. Where do u see yourself in the next 2 years?
One of my many goals is to become a successful international model and eventually venture out into acting since that's my first love. That's where I would love to see myself in the next 2 years.

7. What have u achieved in the modeling industry?
I have done work from editorial, commercial, magazine, TV, and all types of fashion events along with some top designers. I aim to continue working hard and reaching new levels whilst having a successful career
8. Any words of advice for young ones who want to pursue modeling...
My word of advice would be - in everything you do aim to be the best. It may feel like a competitive world but that shouldn't be the reason why you should ever stop chasing your dreams. It's the fight that makes it worthwhile. I also encourage you to surround yourself with people who are only going to lift you higher. Negative surrounding will always keep you from achieving and becoming what you where meant to be. Last but not least, trust in God, he's your strength and the only person that will always have your back.

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Monday, August 12, 2013

An Eye For Hidden Shadows

You get to acquaint with a lot of people as the years go by but, there are those that have that spark that wield your gorgeous cocoa sight. If there is one thing I have learned in this industry is that people have a way of popping out when you least expect it, those that capture magnificence and hail the presence of Fashion.
It always sticks deep in my heart when I see this. Derek Sturdivant is one of those people. :')

Know Me 

When you asked me to do another feature it was exciting and then when it became self driven it was a bit frightening.

Only because I never know what words are most valuable or which people would care to listen to. I find that that's the most difficult thing to find the words to make a strong point when there are so many. And in the bigger picture being yourself and making your mark in the world of so many.

I am an artist. And when I say this it is both positive and negative. Positive because I take part in every aspect of the arts because they all work together so melodically together. The negative is that the term "artist" can be suggestive because some think that art has a clear definition and I disagree. We are artist in our own degree not up to standards.

A part of being an artist is evolving, as you mature you tend to research and make sense of what you are going to be displaying allowing others to think about what they do in their own lives. Lately I've been a bit quiet because I want to work on making the art a living physical thing that can accompany me. That makes it real! That keeps it fresh. It's all about finding a feeling and having a love for what I'm creating, that's what drives me.

We can all create. We can all love. The first step is the hardest and that's allowing yourself to start.

For More About Derek :

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Caution All Odds

With each and every season things have to leave the surrounding and enter either a bad space or good space. You have to start at some point, perhaps A then B eventually you get to Z. Whats that saying again, " If you are meant for greatness, hardships are a nothing and you will prevail. Determination conquers all".

A King In The Midst

Lunathi is a 19 year old, aspiring model, hockey playing, creative, dancer, BA Industrial Psychology and Human Resource Management student at NMMU, who is a health freak, as his friends say, from King Williams Town, currently residing in Port Elizabeth.

'I'm creative, I've always had a thing for being different and thinking out of the box has been the story of my life. My style is inspired by a number of things... I get it from the trends on the runways around the world, my state of mind and anything and everything else that looks good. I believe in Simplicity and being effortless".

Who is your style icon?
I don't really have a style icon. My style is inspired by the likes of Chris Brown, Kanye West and whoever understands the "Science Of Style".

"The trends that I'm accustomed to at the moment would have to be denim, shirts, the color black, which in my opinion is quite timeless, and some prints here and there. I should also add I'm liking these Givenchy inspired long tops and T's.Oh and I dare not forget knitwear".

Aspirations Of A Classy Model

What motivates you to be a model?
Well one of the reasons is because as a creative soul, I don't see myself in an office job. I live for unique experiences where I can represent creativity and artistic expression. Another reason is because I have been encouraged by a lot of people to pursue the career because of my height and after consideration over the years, I've taken a liking to it, especially since I like being well dressed and being on stage.

What have you done so far to get into the modeling industry?
Well, appoint from the occasional photo shoots, I've been selected to model at some local events and went on to be an ambassador for a local clothing brand. Last year I thought I'd join an agency, but I realized that the contract would limit me in so many ways. I didn't sign, but definitely looking to signing one in the future. "Oh and apparently I take good pictures".

What kind of modeling do you specialize in? (Photography or Runway)
At the moment I don't specialize in any type. I've done them both and I would definitely like to keep it that way in the future. They're both exciting.

Is it something you see yourself doing in the next two years to come?
Its definitely something I see myself doing in the years to come. In the next 2 years? That's still not definite, as I'm still pursuing a degree, but should everything go as planned then I'll gladly do it.

Who inspires you?
The Carters, Johnny Depp, Chris Brown & Dr Maya Angelou

Advice to ambitious souls!
Don't be afraid of success. You find that we like to sell ourselves short because we are busy comparing ourselves to others thinking we are not good enough. We are all not perfect and the sooner you will achieve self-fulfillment. So work hard and hold yourself in the highest of standards.. It is possible.

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Don't Killa My Vibe-a : Lebo Otukile


Fragile as they may come, things don't always look as they seem. Lebo portrays that mystical creature that withholds power but wouldn't show it. Green with envy you'd loathe the vanity but all that he shows is no interest.

(1) Who is Lebo?
Lebo is a young, driven, creative, futuristic guy who lives his life via his God given gift of entertainment in arts. I present a cool, detached and unemotional air to the world, YET lying underneath is tremendous power, extreme strength, intense passion and a strong will and a persistent drive.

(2) When did you realize that you had fashion sense?
Ever since I was a kid, I always loved Tupac and Snoop Dogg's fashion sense, loved the whole gangsta look... When I joined Vintage in 2012, I realized that every member in the family had their own style and character. And I had to find myself in the fashion world... It took a while yet the answer was starring at me the whole time, I just couldn't see it in the mirror, but my reflection sure did see it when it looked at me. Lebo loves gangsta and retro fashion, inspired by Tupac and Snoop, that's who I am in the fashion world. That's when I got to grow into the gangsta character and started finding other characters in the mirror.

(3) What makes an outfit?

(4) Who are your influences (icon)?
TUPAC MAKAVELI and Mother Monster Lady Gaga.

(5) When did you realize that you are a dancer?
I grew up dancing, performed at most of my primary school's events. But started taking dancing seriously when I got to high school. And in Grade 10 that's when I knew that my career after school is in entertainment.

(6) How has working for Vintage cru inspire you?
I can say working for V.I.N.T.A.G.E has made me the person that I've always dreamt of being. Today I can look into the mirror and not judge myself, or say that I'm doing something wrong. I can proudly say V.I.N.T.A.G.E has made me find me. And I can proudly say "I'm doing me", you may call it DIY.

(7) Where do you see yourself in the next 3years?
In the next 3 years I see myself working hard with V.I.N.T.A.G.E to make it an international brand in entertainment,fashion and arts. Or even bigger things, We might think we have great plans for V.I.N.T.A.G.E, just to find that God has GREATER plans for us.

(8) What's your favorite thing about your style and vintage?
My favorite thing about my style is that I feel free and I know I'm on the right track cause I'm doing me. Favorite thing about V.I.N.T.A.G.E is that we're doing things that people don't do, we do things that people are afraid to do, we're not afraid to try new things, we inspire, we dream and MOST IMPORTANTLY we live our dreams.

(9) Are you a trend setter and/or what are your favorite trends (accustomed to)?
Trend setting. Hahaha "If somethings been done before, DO NOT DO IT" - V.I.N.T.A.G.E.

(10) Favorite items in your closet
I love my meggings and over-sized t-shirts.

(11) Any advice for people who want to be in your line of work and a few tips on fashion
If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough. Stick to the V.I.N.T.A.G.E rules of fashion.

For More Info About Lebo :
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Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Hair Article : Geometrical Shapes

Leeche Janecke is a perfect example of hair art pop. Change every now and then, color splashes here and there and boom a fresh new style.

FREE COLOR [You Dont Need To Be Me.]

What makes you change your hair color?
I guess changing my hair color comes with style, change as well. So in order to go through a complete metamorphosis of self, coloring my hair meant a different look all in all.

How often do you do it?
It's not really a set time between changes but if I feel like a color has run its course then I definitely change it. Never longer than 6 months though.

Who does your hair?
I only trust one person with my hair. I call her my Tina Knowles and thats my mother. She's been my hairstylist since the day I was born. She makes my visions come to life.

What do people say when they see you with a different hair dye?
People are very inquisitive. They are always asking questions and I do get the random gobsmacked stares, but as long as I'm comfortable portraying myself in that light, thats really all that matters.

Surely you have a few tips to give to people that will improve their chances of looking like you or similar to you : Enlighten them. 

I think I say this often enough. Don't be a deliberate copy cat if you may call it that. If you are inspired by me, it should mean you are inspired by my choices and what my approach is to how I maintain and go about my image. So be YOU, cause thats WHO I AM. You don't need to be me. Find yourself and thats the first step to creating a look that works for you.

For More Information About Lee : 
Twitter : @Litchi_Ninjaa_ / @vintage_cru
Facebook : Lee'che Rudeboy Janecke 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Retro Loving

Fashion will never fade more especially with people changing the way people see it. Its amazing how people eat fashion and spit it out with style. Some people go to extreme lengths of showing people that clothing can be revamped i.e. Urban Chic Meets Retro (My Name Is Vintage). Derek Sturdivant is a college student at the school of Visual Arts. He is a Freelance Fashion Cinematograoher and Photography.

(1) What does your job entail?
Well my job is my art and its usually freelance. So although I may not always cover fashion events. I make time to create films that I like for myself.

(2) Who is your style icon and how would you describe your style?
I look up to Daphne Guinness, Lady GaGa, Rachel Zoe and currently the 70's. So with that I can be very chic or urban, or anything to be. Honestly I think it's important to be able to be diverse in everything you do, clothing and style as well, just like art.

(3) Where would you say you inherited your Fashion Gene?
I would say both my grandfathers mother and fathers side. One went to fit for a while and the other liked to buy quality clothes.

(4) What have you done so far to enforce the Fashion Industry?
It's all very new and fresh. I'm still learning and developing.

(5) What are you most favorite things in your closet?
Well that's a tough question. I would say everything, LOL. I usually just buy statement pieces and then revolve everything else around that. I don't think I would buy it if it wasn't my favorite.

(6) What is Fashion to you?
I look at Fashion as an Art, not as a craft but something you can create and show to others, your work. It's fun, I enjoy putting my clothes on and trying new things as well as mixing and matching.

(7) How do you envision the Fashion Industry in the next 3 - 5 years?
The industry itself seems very commercialized. And the way people value money now seems like that's the direction it's headed, to be just that industry. However I would hope that there is some type of artistic revelation or renaissance where more unknown designers and fashion houses get more notoriety. And their work is known opposed to all the names and brands that are heavily marketed.

(8) Your Fashion DO(NT)'s.
Are there any don'ts? Well don't try and be someone else. I think if you like what someone else wears or is doing stylistically you can make that into an influence and develop your own approach. Do that. I think do's and dont's are individualized. I know that I can wear too baggy clothes because they don't complement my frame very well. I just don't believe I can tell someone what to and what not to do, their art. It's subjective.

(9) Word of advice for people out there aspiring to be you.
If you have a dream or a goal do that, work toward that, even if no one supports your efforts or tells you how to approach it. Do it your way cause its your life. If you are passionate about something don't lose that passion. Also even though sometimes it may seem your receiving negative feedback take the time to think about positives that should keep you going. What do you want to be remembered and left behind when you're long gone?

For More Info About Derek :
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Instagram : Zhetut
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Youtube : Derek Sturdivant
Vimeo : SlimTut

Monday, April 22, 2013

A Stallion : Pure Perfection

They bloom when the sun comes out but how often do you get to see a flower open up when there is a sunrise? Sibusiso "Zbu" Masombuka from Benoni is a full time student at the University Of Johannesburg, doing 3rd year in Psychology and Anthropology. He works at Religion SA, a store at 44 Stanley in Milpark as a stylist and salesman in retail. He is also an ambassador for Smirnoff Vodka (JHB).

Power Of Silent Slayage

(1) Where do you get your sense of style ( From where it started and how you came to trust what you wear)?
Shees, I've never thought of that. I guess I started to focus on what I wear when I got to high school, because I was one fat kid in Primary (Just to fit in). So I'd buy a lot of magazines (Teen Zone at that time) just to see what was in and keeping up with the latest trends. Thats when I got rid of my glasses. I also had cousins who dressed well and were popular. So back then it was all about being seen and dressing to impress. I can't rap to save my life, so I wanted to be popular for dressing well.

I actually started trusting what I wear when I got compliments even from people I looked up to, style wise. So I began to mix and match my own stuff and stray away from whats trending.

(2) Tell me about your piercings, do they have any meaning?
Uhm! LOL awkward, these aren't real tunnels. I'd never stretch my ears. Its too hectic for the careers and other fields I want to embark. The piercings however do not mean much, got them the day before my matric dance, just for the sake of looking cool. I had a piercing at the back of my neck for 3 months, I got over that. I guess it was a phase. I do however want to pierce somewhere else, but the person I'm seeing does not approve, so I'll pause for a while.

(3) What do you want to be in the Fashion Industry?
Uhmmm! Well I've never thought of a career in the Fashion Industry. It's not for everyone. I wanna be an Educational Psychologist /  Ethnographer, I'm still caught between the two. Thats the main focus. I've sorta tried modeling, but thats slow and with 2 jobs and a full time degree its even tougher to shove that into my schedule. So I've let go for now.

(4) What would you call yourself at the moment?
One Fuggen Determined Lad LOL


(5) Who is your style icon?
I don't have a specific style icon, but my style stems from a lot of folks, i.e. Kanye, Pharell and Linda Makhanya (local) to name a few.

(6) What are you 5 most favorite things in your closet?
  • Vintage Winter Boots
  • Chucks (In Purple, White And Turquoise) Planning On Getting More 
  • Shirt Lover 
  • Leather Gloves
  • Leather Jacket 
Bonus ; Oh and my Tiger Of Sweden Denims (My favorite pair ever) and my religion tees.

(7) What makes you feel good (that one thing you can never leave the house without) ?
Can't leave without my new gadget, Samsung S3

(8) Latest Trends
Latest trends would have to be camouflage. I see theres chucks in that print, this winter might turn out to be a colorful one. People are starting to stray just black and grey and brown, but fuse it with other colors.

(9) Advice for people who want to be like you!
People need to understand that theres a crack and flaw in every one of us, so embrace your flaws. I cant tell you how I've started to love my kiss since I realized that. LOL. Be the best at everything that you do, half hearted efforts lead to no growth and satisfaction.. And Love Your Damn Self.

For More Info About Zbu :
Twitter : @Zbu_M
Facebook : Sibusiso Zbu Masombuka
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