Friday, August 26, 2011

Look Of The Day : Tsholo Dikobe

Have a fine print of the 80's Fashion Ladies and gentlemen. The Gatsh Fros Co-Founder has proven to be the best at rocking such Vintage. Duffled Blouse and The Crimson Pants. 
Total Like. 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Look Of The Day : Solemnly Vintage

Don't you just love it when a Jacket has all the details you love in it. 

The Stains Of Being A Vintage Corset In Pink Shades

Lance Letuka Mosiea - Motloung

A little conversation with the self inspired Guru of Vintage if I may say and according to my conclusion.

Set on the rails of Facebook what more could you ask for.
Here you have a convoy over Fashion and nothing else but what you are born with.

How do you describe yourself?

*Different from the rest. Cultured and honest. Reserved yet opinionated. I am true to my being and who I want to be. I'm a great follower cause we're not all destined to lead. I am me.

What kind of Fashion do you let out there?

*Contemporary trends. I'm not really a fashion head, rather an enthusiast so I just put on what looks good and is comfortable.

Do you have a Fashion Label, if so what means do you use to advertise it?

*No, I do not, I'm just a lover of Clothing.

What have you done so far for Fashion?

*I've endorsed, I have marketed, I have done everything in the light manner, just so that I can explore the field and get to know my own style, different from everybody's look.

Where do you see yourself in 42 Months from today?

*Working for GQ and still studying for my Law Degree.

Have you collaborated with anyone in what you do?


Who have you made aware of yourself? e.g. Media Wise Or Socially.

*Yes. I am in talks with GQ Magazine in a potential job offer. I hope it goes well.

What do people say when they see you walk down the street?

*First thing they do is they question my sexuality. Then after they compliment or just turn away. I'm not keen on hearing people's opinions cause I don't dress for masses. So it's my voice that speaks the loudest.

Final words to young people like you...

*Be Authentic

He has spoken more or less about what he lakes and what has to say to the people whom Love Fashion and Embrace it.

But out of the conclusion I had made, "The Kids Got Spunk". 

Cheers I Will Certainly Drink To That.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Beau De Flurry La Bubbly.

There comes a time when colors make a statement and the tend to bring the boldness out of anything. Here is a glimpse of what I am talking about. 

Afrique baby. 

Sta Letsididi --->  Starstatus.

The Face Of Afrique. 

Facebook : Sta Letsididi 
Twitter : @sta_isRandom

Kgosi Jay ------> PunkBwoy 

Facebook : Kgosi Jay Sethoko
Twitter : @KgosiJay

Wabo Motiki -------> The Whimsical Princess

Facebook : Wabo Motiki
Twitter : @web_stare

Carol --------> Rock Me Hard 

Facebook : Carol Mads
Twitter : @CarolMads

Thapelo Letsebe --------> Look And You Will Get. 

Facebook : Thapelo MasFemrocks Letsebe
Twitter : @LetsebeThapelo

Now you have a Glimpse of what Afrique is all about for more information you can check these website ;

- Facebook : U'bearable Afrique'
-Twitter : Afrique_92

Or to see these Fabulous models go to their Facebook and Twitter Pages. 

Feast your eyes Beasts. It doesn't get better than this. The most colorful and bubbly yet street styled Photo-shoot.

Afrique baby, put a stamp on it . 


Friday, August 19, 2011

The Mysteries Unraveled.

Personally I believe that clothes do not define you but in this case I believe they play a big part.
Let's Go Vintage.

Ashwin Bosman

Vintage has proven to be the new thing nowadays. And if you have realized only the Fashion Conscious  Kids  are the ones that rock 'em best. 

He has proven to rock Vintage in a way no other man dares to rock it. A little bread, tea and a mixture of social networking led to this marvelous interview. Petite. 

What type of a person are you?

* One of a kind and very loving.

Describe the person you are?

* My own individual.

3 Words that define you?

* Opinionated, Colorful and Fierce.

What is your inspiration, the way you dress and what triggers the Fashion you portray?

* I am inspired by the classical American show "Soul Train". And it's dancers, the dancer's which are featured are called "Waackers". Which are my main inspiration.

Do you believe that Africa lack Fashion and why do you say that?

* Mmmm. Well we are quite a diverse continent and I believe Fashion in Africa has it's own originality . Where Fashion Designers from outside draw inspiration from us. So I don't believe we're lacking Fashion sense at all.

Are you in a group or are you solo?

* The groups name in "VINTAGE".

What do you do, #Profession?

* I am currently in my last year of High School. I am a Waack and Vogue dancer for "Vintage".

What events have you attended! That have made you a BRAND?

* Well, I have attended a lot of Hip-Hop events that happen annually such as Strictly Hip-Hop and a few Underground Hip-Hop Shows. I would like to attend more such as JHB Fashion Week , etc. Once I've finished school I'll be a regular.

Well I have exposed the person and made the most of what I had set out to tell. #Vintage. This kid is a BRAND, don't get it twisted he is already there. He shine's and I personally love the sense of style and the person he is.

For more info:

Facebook : Ashwin Bosman Breezy-Roman
Twitter : @AshRomanVintage 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Polish The Rest

Trends never die but the trend setter  always has something for each fashion propelled guru out there. We have people that always make a fashion statement when at red carpets or after parties of the well known Fashion Weeks. It’s not every day that you come across a person with the passion of Dancing and Fashion at the same time. It’s abnormal in the name of Fashion but a good combination.
Here is a person I need not say more.

Arthur Phillipus

A 20 year old who says “I won’t say I’m a trendsetter when styling myself but because I dress to how I feel, I go with anything whether baggy, skinny or bold colours”.

He is currently starting up a business that goes by the name Hauz Of Fashion. A fashion house that basically has miniature lines underneath. It gratifies for various customers.

Above reproach he is a trendsetter himself, I’d almost say he is like the great sage Karl Lagerfeld. Out of nothing he makes something, believe it or not you would want to be more like him.

And as he had previously mentioned he does look different in each attire. He owns the look, not the other way round.

He is also a very outgoing person, while out there partying he maintains his sanity by getting contacts and acquainting himself with household brands. Does the name Khabonina Qubeka mean something to you! Well this born entertainer will be featuring as a dancer in the upcoming video “Make Love”. Need I say more. He makes a living at the same time he studies at Stage Door doing Musical Theatre. That is a busy Fashion Infested Kid. =)

For more information you could might as we follow him on Twitter : @YourBoi_Cee  or  on Facebook : Cashius cee Phillipus.