Friday, May 24, 2013

Retro Loving

Fashion will never fade more especially with people changing the way people see it. Its amazing how people eat fashion and spit it out with style. Some people go to extreme lengths of showing people that clothing can be revamped i.e. Urban Chic Meets Retro (My Name Is Vintage). Derek Sturdivant is a college student at the school of Visual Arts. He is a Freelance Fashion Cinematograoher and Photography.

(1) What does your job entail?
Well my job is my art and its usually freelance. So although I may not always cover fashion events. I make time to create films that I like for myself.

(2) Who is your style icon and how would you describe your style?
I look up to Daphne Guinness, Lady GaGa, Rachel Zoe and currently the 70's. So with that I can be very chic or urban, or anything to be. Honestly I think it's important to be able to be diverse in everything you do, clothing and style as well, just like art.

(3) Where would you say you inherited your Fashion Gene?
I would say both my grandfathers mother and fathers side. One went to fit for a while and the other liked to buy quality clothes.

(4) What have you done so far to enforce the Fashion Industry?
It's all very new and fresh. I'm still learning and developing.

(5) What are you most favorite things in your closet?
Well that's a tough question. I would say everything, LOL. I usually just buy statement pieces and then revolve everything else around that. I don't think I would buy it if it wasn't my favorite.

(6) What is Fashion to you?
I look at Fashion as an Art, not as a craft but something you can create and show to others, your work. It's fun, I enjoy putting my clothes on and trying new things as well as mixing and matching.

(7) How do you envision the Fashion Industry in the next 3 - 5 years?
The industry itself seems very commercialized. And the way people value money now seems like that's the direction it's headed, to be just that industry. However I would hope that there is some type of artistic revelation or renaissance where more unknown designers and fashion houses get more notoriety. And their work is known opposed to all the names and brands that are heavily marketed.

(8) Your Fashion DO(NT)'s.
Are there any don'ts? Well don't try and be someone else. I think if you like what someone else wears or is doing stylistically you can make that into an influence and develop your own approach. Do that. I think do's and dont's are individualized. I know that I can wear too baggy clothes because they don't complement my frame very well. I just don't believe I can tell someone what to and what not to do, their art. It's subjective.

(9) Word of advice for people out there aspiring to be you.
If you have a dream or a goal do that, work toward that, even if no one supports your efforts or tells you how to approach it. Do it your way cause its your life. If you are passionate about something don't lose that passion. Also even though sometimes it may seem your receiving negative feedback take the time to think about positives that should keep you going. What do you want to be remembered and left behind when you're long gone?

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