Friday, November 30, 2012

A Star In The Making [Exclusive Interview] Part Two : Noah Lamar

Shine bright like a diamond. I figured we pick up from where we left off. Noah breathes modeling, eats it, sleeps it and basically embraces it. He has taken the initiative to grow himself and become a fine young man that people can be proud off. 


4. Who have you worked with? [Which Designer]
I’ve worked with Alton King in Atlanta, GA, he opened up a door for me by choosing me to walk in his Beach Spring Swim Wear Fashion Show March 2011. I haven’t worked with another designer since but I plan on changing that this year.

 5. Who is your role model?
To be honest with myself, I have respect and so much love for the Models that came before me but I want to start my own lane, I want to be recognized for my hard work. But if I have to choose a role model, it’ll be Noah Mills, even though he’s not an African American Male Model, I still look up to him, I know most people think I should say Tyson Beckford, but I don’t want to be your typical male model that always use Tyson Beckford as their role model when there’s more models out there that put in the hard work just like Tyson that should be Credited as well.

6. How far do you think modeling will take you?
I hear people say a lot that male models don’t last for long in the industry, but I think that’s all a bunch of crap, it’s up to the model to keep their flame lit when it comes to the Industry. I believe modeling will take me far as long as I stay truth to myself and stay dedicated to modeling.

7. Who is your favorite model?
There’s too many name but I’ve seen a lot of great ones on the runway.

8. What has modeling taught you from your past experiences?
Modeling has taught me that that being humble and having a positive outlook on things will open more doors for your modeling endeavors and modeling also taught me hard work pays off.
9. LOL, if you were a super hero who would you be?
I’ll be Superman because he can fly, so when I’m depressed or just want time to myself, I’ll fly to an Island and just relax and enjoy my Me time.
10. 3 words that describe you
Funny, Loving, and Determine.
11. Word of advice to kids that look up to you or models out there!
Always stay true to yourself, keep a positive mind and always remain humble. Also Never Let Anyone Hand You Your Career.
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