Thursday, March 29, 2012

Redemption "My Name Is......."

Why I Love Fashion?
I love fashion because it’s very expressive, and a kind of an art form, which is cool. Best of all, I love that you could put the craziest ensemble together and it could look amazing, or really bad, but it’s better to focus on the positive.
My take on fashion is normally ‘wear whatever you like and suits your body type and if it’s what’s considered to be trendy and over worn then make it your own’. I tend to follow current trends however always try to make it my own, or at least not wear it the way everyone is wearing it. Similarly I’ve found myself being influenced by my sisters, way of style (they’re into the whole vintage, alternative, 90s sort of look at the moment) so I’ll sometimes wear something very in at the moment and mix it with something vintage, but that’s only as of recent as like I said I like to stick to the new and in trends. 


Besides the latest high street trends and the twins influence, I’m also influenced by what’s on the catwalk and designer stuff (not that I can afford most of them) but that’s where my creative comes into play. I tend to shop on a budget which means I always have to mix and match. Besides all of that, I’m a strong believer in simplicity is always best. Nothing beats a nice little dress, cute heels and an oversized bag for the day or simple clutch for the evening in my eyes.

Basics And What’s In My Wardrobe
My basics at the moment are red lipstick (I have an obscene obsession with red lipstick, be it day or night) and dark sunglasses, can’t go wrong with them, they always create a sense of mystery if you ask me. On the other hand I’m obsessed with dresses. I’m in love with skater skirt dresses, so already stocking up on those, the necessary cut out dresses, flowy and tight of course, lace.lace.lace, high heel wedges (in all sorts of colours), and skater skirt skirts to go with cute tie-up blouse shirts or crop shirts. 


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Premium Look [Silent Experience] : Chinyere Ibezim

His style is rare and very much on point. Best believe he sweeps people off their feet. Brace yourselves this boy is here to stay. Someone say "Vintage" .

Its a clean but not safe look that people would be able to comprehend to. This is the style. If you can't rock Vintage take lessons here. :) 

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There Is A Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Kwame Acheampong


1. What inspires you as a model?
FFM. Fashion, feel, music. What I’m wearing, the feeling of the location/set/runaway and the music. You’re not really supposed to walk to the beat but the music is such a bonus for me because it gets me so hyped. Sets the mood.

2. Out of all of the experience that you have had as a model what have you enjoyed the most walking the ramp and just going for photo-shoots? 
I think my favorite show so far was for Black Trash at Botswana Fashion week. I’ve walked for them before. I’m always hungry for their clothing. I think it’s because it had the complete FFM for me. I chose the music, choreographed and walked in their show. It was frickin crazy.

3. Do you believe that you will make it in the Fashion/ Modeling world?
Who knows? I enjoy it but it’s not my main goal or focus in life. It just happens to be doing something for me right now. Getting me a little closer to what I want to do with my life and teaching me things. I tell people this all the time because it’s my absolute truth, I really don’t think I’m that good of a model. I’m just competent. I can’t believe a compliment. I do appreciate them though.

4. How was it working at the Botswana Fashion Week, Color In The Desert and various campaigns?
Bots Fashion Week was nice. It got press didn’t it? Like I already said, the highlight for me was the Black Trash show. I ended up winning Bots Fashion Week along with 3 other models. Basically we’re Botswana’s top models I guess. But I was just like, *shrugs*.
Color In The Desert was pretty dope. I learnt and worked with great professional people, met humans etc. I got to walk for David Tlale which was pretty cool. I liked his collection a lot. He’s really chilled, focused. People have the wrong image of him so he proved my belief of getting to know someone first, not to just assume.

5. Give 5 words of encouragement to models out there that don't believe they can make it in the industry!  Crap, I dislike these sorts of questions. I like to explain things so to summarize my many ideas in a few words is always difficult. Eh….BELIEVE, work hard, ENJOY, be professional, get ready for rejection and always have a back-up plan. See, I told you I can’t do questions like that.


1. Where do you get you Fashion style?
Psssh. I don’t even think I’m fashionable. Like many people I just wear what I feel. Fashion is such an easy way to express one’s self. When I put on clothing I like it to represent something. I wear something to represent my mood, or a time period, an age, a part of !pop! culture, a common trait of a certain type of human etc. I like to mix ideas, styles, classes and trends. I don’t really think about it, I just put ish on.

2. What motivates you to look good everyday and change your hair do's?
I don’t know. I don’t ever really try to look good unless I’m going to some sort of event. I never really think I look bad though. I won’t allow that. Thank the gods I was blessed with this canvas that clothes seem to look good on. Funny, my hair never comes out the way I plan it to but I end up with something I like. I’m into color sort of. Since I bleached and coloured my hair I can’t imagine myself without just a little bit of color.

3. Who is your style icon and what is your style? 
Humans. I like how humans dress. Haha. I don’t have one really. There are many things that I like about so many people, celebrities and us common folk. My style? *shrugs*

4. What is your Favorite item out of all of your clothing?
Its not clothing but it has to be my sunglasses. I have quite a few but maybe my black Ray-Ban’s in particular. I almost never take them off. Not in class, exams, indoors, at night….I LIVE IN THEM. Haha

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Premium Look [First Experience] : Chinyere Ibezim

He is a 17 year old Nigerian American from New York City and lives in Delaware. "I'm a senior in high school and I want to be FAMOUS".

What is your "Style" and Who is your "Style Icon"?
INDESCRIBABLE. Its a mixture if hipster, urban, vintage, & so many other styles. No particular word to describe it. Kanye West is his style icon.

What makes you love Fashion?
I love how it shows how creative people are and fashion is a good way to express yourself.

When did you start realizing Fashion? 
Ever since I could remember. I remember telling my mother when I was four that I refuse to wear turtlenecks. I was always style conscious.

Whats your favorite thing to wear? 
I love Vintage clothing. I love bold pattern sweaters.

Does where you come from inspire the way you dress?
Yes! Because I'm originally from New York which is the Fashion capital of the world and had the most diverse selection of styles.

Where do you shop and your favorite shop? 
I almost shop anywhere. I love thrift shops, department stores, chain stores, flea markets and boutiques.

Favourite Shop : Goodwill & Urban Outfitters & Top man.

Least & Fav Trend!
Least : I hate Americans obsession with Polo!
Fav : I love how men can carry bags & totes.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mystic Presence

1. Tell us a little about yourself.
I am a 3rd year Bachelor Of Accounting Sciences at The University Of South Africa, 23 years and lives in Pretoria. I own a pop store called Vintage Goddess selling second hand vintage clothing and accessories.

2. What is your style?
I like Vintage and Classic effortless looks.

3. Who is your style icon?
I don't really have a Fashion Icon. I just get inspiration everywhere especially the girls on the streets with amazing style and Fashion Blogs.

4. Why do you love Fashion?
I love Fashion because it is a way of life that was passed from generation to generation in my family. I was allowed to pick my own clothes from an early age and I have been reading magazines since then.

5. What excites you the most about Fashion?
What excites me the most about Fashion is the thrill of waiting on new trends. Whether the market will be able to work it or not.

6. What is your favorite and least trend?

  • It would have to be platform heels especially the Jeffrey Campbell Litas. 
  • Least favorite would have to be Floral Jumpsuits, "Yuck". 

7. What is your favorite thing to wear?
At the moment I love Maxi Skirts, I see myself wearing them in Autumn till Winter.

8. Any advice you'd like to give to kids who want to be Fashionista's.
"Wear clothes that suit their body shape and not to just follow trends. Go thrifting for quality once off (piece of clothing) and exude confidence because it is the best accessory".

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Eye Of Salvation - True Revolution

Michael Mba AKA "Mikey S"

He is one of the best Photographers according to what I have seen, I have also worked with him and I must say I do look up to him. He has been my mentor through out my photographic skills. Mikey has worked with the likes of Taibo Bacar and has worked for Africa Fashion Week.

When did you first hold a camera?
1994 that I remember, might be a bit earlier, but that's the first time I had one that was mine.

What made you like Photography?
Looking at photographs from the past. I loved to be transported to times I had no idea about simply by looking at a Photograph. I wanted to be able to do the same - "Record History".

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
An established international Wedding and Fashion Photographer. I also see myself teaching and nurturing other up coming Photographers, which thankfully, I have already started doing - I'm actually answering the questions while sitting in a photography workshop that I'll be speaking at tomorrow. 

What kind of Photography do you like? 
I think I just hinted on this one already ; Wedding & Fashion with a bit of Motorsport 

6. Who have you worked with thus far that has made you appreciate Photography even more? 

Hmm... Not sure what perspective you are referring to here. Subject, Fellow Photographer, or just anyone. With the exclusion of Fellow Photographers, I would say my daughters. Being able to capture month on their lives in picture has been a blessing and doing it well to. People and events, I would say the first time I covered Africa Fashion Week. Standing there with my camera and monopod and thinking to myself, I could really do this forever, was a huge boost to keep doing what I'm doing. 

What is Photography to you? 
Simply put, my life! It is everything right now, sometimes to the peril of things that should be paramount, but that's all the time and quickly adjust when I see that happening. 

Do you think you can change how people see some other things through Photography?
That is the essence of good photography. I may not strive for this in all pictures, but I should be able to achieve it when I want to. A very recent tweet I just posted kind of relates to this too - "Good Photography is between what you wanted and what you achieved ".

Which Celebrity have you worked with and how was it?
I think who I consider to be a celebrity might not be a celebrity to others, so I'll just say no. 

Any others words of advice you want to give to kids out there whom want to be Photographers?
"Yes. You have to have passion. Passion excites one. It makes you go the extra mile, to push yourself. Without passion photography is pointless as you may never move off starting base".

If in Doubt... Google! 

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