Sunday, July 3, 2011

African Prints, Classy and Flying. ;)

It's not a surprise that eventually African Prints would be worn by Hollywood Stars and Starlets. 

Even Gwen Steffani had her own taste of Tribal Ritual-essence. LOL . 

Doesn't get better than this.


It's a trend and everyone is Following it, you don't want to be the outsider do you?! The runways are also overflowing with these complicated but elegant prints. Gwen Steffani's "LAMB" proved that African's are also in the running of becoming a Fashion Capital. 

Don't get me started with the nowaday Photoshoot. They are exhuming and mind-blowing. Follow the trend or be a goner. Or I would say start and make your own statement with the Print and make other's follow your trend. 

XOXO, Tinkie. 

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  1. the last pic of the 4 brightly dressed
    these creations are by 9ja born designer Ituen Basi
    i recognise those neckpieces anywhere i have earrings that look like that the many little circles within