Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pleasure To Meet You Photo - "Pots Of Roses".

Seeing that people venture into different forms of arts i.e. may that be Fashion, Photography or Modeling. It never gets old as you can blend all these three and become one. 

Rafaela Eusebio Ventura 

Victims are some what the pedophiles of their own destruction but to be honest this kid is sick. She  has one of the most amazing styles that I myself can't figure out. Retro....No, 70's Vintage.....No, Hip-Hop...Definitely...No. It's all in one. She is mostly inspired by her mood to dress up and has no particular style. "There is not a single day I feel the same (unless it's depression) so it's all ion the way  I'm feeling. Sexy? Let's show some skin. Bored? Let's wear crazy colors and sick shoelaces as necklaces. Heart-Broken? Let's seduce every single creature out there. Inspired? Let's wear whatever we want to wear. So it's all about the mood! " she said it. 

Her style icon varies from mostly friends. She says " I don't really have a favorite because Fashion is a way a person projects personality, so I dig many personalities, can't really be specific. What I can tell you is, whenever I'm people watching and notice someone calling my attention either because of the way they laugh, or walk, or talk, or dress, I got to them, tell them, and wish them a good day. Most of the time we exchange information and become friends!

Who takes your photo's?

I do. Mostly. Probably 80% of the time. I know my angels, my body, so it's really a fun thing to do. Auto-Photography. That's how I knew I am crazy for photography, and for myself. Muahahaha, But, I've had the awesome opportunities of working/modeling/hanging with talented friends/photographers! 

Alondra Angeles ( Alouette Photography ) 

Mariela Feliz Fernandez

Leah Slava Fernandez 

Do you have a Fashion House? If so, whats the name!

Believe it or not, yes, I do. It's in my imagination, and sketching books. I've been drawing ever since I was in the 6th grade from Elementary School.. and I still draw to this day. Hopefully one day my dream of launching my line, RAEUVE, will be fulfilled. And it will. Just give me time.

How many Fashion shows have you attended?

I've watched some by TV.. and and was about to go to some, back home in Dominican Republic.. but in my own opinion the streets is a Fashion Show on it's own. Plus since I am living in Taiwan now, it's like, the only thing there is to see - Fashion. Fashion. Passion. Coming Soon

To conclude the whole perception you guys might be portraying this girl in her own words, " I like myself, That's enough". 

To find her on the forever buzzing Social Networks; 

Facebook : Rafaela Eusebio Ventura

Twitter : @Raeuve

Blogs ; 

Feel free to have a cup of tea on a table set with roses and flower petals.
The chapter is forever open.


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