Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mo Handahu

She is a purse maker, she is also her own brand. The way she dresses just examines the theory about curvy women and how they are claimed to be less of women as compared to the other skinny, apple and other variously shaped women. 

"I am a curvy women who's always known that I was destined for something big". She is the Pillar Of Strength for most women and she says she will Live up to her name. 

In my eyes I would say she does Color Blocking very well and makes the greatest ensemble. 

After the Purses and the Glamorous Self Love comes the Fashion. To her is like a peck of dust on her shoulder. 

I always feel that my words are nothing and that if I do a lot of talking nothing will be expressed. So there you go, Feast. Musemo. 

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Facebook : Mo Handahu
Twitter : @ClutchCulture
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