Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Hair Article : Geometrical Shapes

Leeche Janecke is a perfect example of hair art pop. Change every now and then, color splashes here and there and boom a fresh new style.

FREE COLOR [You Dont Need To Be Me.]

What makes you change your hair color?
I guess changing my hair color comes with style, change as well. So in order to go through a complete metamorphosis of self, coloring my hair meant a different look all in all.

How often do you do it?
It's not really a set time between changes but if I feel like a color has run its course then I definitely change it. Never longer than 6 months though.

Who does your hair?
I only trust one person with my hair. I call her my Tina Knowles and thats my mother. She's been my hairstylist since the day I was born. She makes my visions come to life.

What do people say when they see you with a different hair dye?
People are very inquisitive. They are always asking questions and I do get the random gobsmacked stares, but as long as I'm comfortable portraying myself in that light, thats really all that matters.

Surely you have a few tips to give to people that will improve their chances of looking like you or similar to you : Enlighten them. 

I think I say this often enough. Don't be a deliberate copy cat if you may call it that. If you are inspired by me, it should mean you are inspired by my choices and what my approach is to how I maintain and go about my image. So be YOU, cause thats WHO I AM. You don't need to be me. Find yourself and thats the first step to creating a look that works for you.

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Twitter : @Litchi_Ninjaa_ / @vintage_cru
Facebook : Lee'che Rudeboy Janecke 

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