Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Splash Him With A Little Red Fanny.

Lee-Che Tarledo Janecke

Life is basically a definition of what he is, because everyday is like a new start and "My Fashion Changes Everyday".


"What makes this person is probably influenced by the way I was raised. I grew up in a household where everyone was the same...The boldness is triggered by my neck for wanting to look different and stand out from the crowd".

What do you Profess in?

Living life happily without negativity.

Who is your style icon?

Lady GaGa is the biggest style icon for me, but I have many influences...

What is your style!
My style varies.I can be grunge,vintage,bohemian,gangster,chic,haute.It just depends how I feel on the day basically.Its not one specific thing.

How has fashion influenced your daily life?!
It has influenced it dramatically.When I dress,I do it to express my love for fashion,not to impress anyone.So on the daily I usually get a lot of attention because of my dress sense.Odd really.

Do you believe you set trends!
Yes.I do.

What do you have to say to people out there like you!
Keep doing your thing BitcheZzzz!!LoL

Where do you get the Strength to change your hair every week, month or year?!
I don't need strength,its a conscious decision on my part.I just like making my hair a focal point at times.Its basically an extension of the clothes I wear.


He is a hair killer, he has all styles of hair lined up and he gets these made simply from an idea that pops outof is head, the brain child. 

The came the spider, LOL. 


What is your role in VINTAGE?
I'm like head choreographer...basically.

What made you join Vintage?
The people.The love and also the passion for dance,art and fashion.

What makes you so proud to be a part of Vintage!
We push the boundaries and I feel honored to 
be part of the movement.

Where do all of you get the "Gut" to dress so Retro and bold!
I think its more about comfort levels.All of us are very comfortable in our skins,therefore its natural to dress that way.

Do you think Vintage will go places and how far along!
We will definately go far!Further than anyone can imagine...

For More Info about Lee'Che and Vintage :

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