Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ubani Lo - A Tribe Called Qhawe.

What comes to your mind when you hear the name "Qhawekazi" , A Female Hero and in this case she is with the Love For Photography and Fashion.

Qhawe Luthuli
"My definition of art: mismatched pieces of the world put together to make something beautiful. Most importantly, it's you".

Inspired by South African photographers like Peter Magubane, Alf Kumalo, Paul Ballen & Jodi Bieber. Also inspired by Annie Liebovitz & Terri Richardson. 

"Think photographers have caught a sharp eye for personal style. I mean dressing in itself is an art. So it's captured so it can inspire and speak to people. Think photographers try and photograph style in a way 
that designers hunt for inspiration."

Where do you draw inspiration from your clothing, who is that style icon you fan?

Hmm.. Style Icon.. I don't really have one. I just get inspiration from different people then I put it all together in my mind and create my own style. But if I had to choose which celebrities I like, it'd have to be Zoe Kravitz & Solange.

Where do you find comfort in the way you dress up?

I don't actually have a comfort in fashion. That's just playing it safe. I like to play around with my style. & Explore it. 

The pictures have spoken on my behalf as they have explained most of what this heroin breeds with that camera. You wouldn't get enough of her.

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  1. wow she is amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing love her amazing style young & refreshing :-)