Monday, April 22, 2013

A Stallion : Pure Perfection

They bloom when the sun comes out but how often do you get to see a flower open up when there is a sunrise? Sibusiso "Zbu" Masombuka from Benoni is a full time student at the University Of Johannesburg, doing 3rd year in Psychology and Anthropology. He works at Religion SA, a store at 44 Stanley in Milpark as a stylist and salesman in retail. He is also an ambassador for Smirnoff Vodka (JHB).

Power Of Silent Slayage

(1) Where do you get your sense of style ( From where it started and how you came to trust what you wear)?
Shees, I've never thought of that. I guess I started to focus on what I wear when I got to high school, because I was one fat kid in Primary (Just to fit in). So I'd buy a lot of magazines (Teen Zone at that time) just to see what was in and keeping up with the latest trends. Thats when I got rid of my glasses. I also had cousins who dressed well and were popular. So back then it was all about being seen and dressing to impress. I can't rap to save my life, so I wanted to be popular for dressing well.

I actually started trusting what I wear when I got compliments even from people I looked up to, style wise. So I began to mix and match my own stuff and stray away from whats trending.

(2) Tell me about your piercings, do they have any meaning?
Uhm! LOL awkward, these aren't real tunnels. I'd never stretch my ears. Its too hectic for the careers and other fields I want to embark. The piercings however do not mean much, got them the day before my matric dance, just for the sake of looking cool. I had a piercing at the back of my neck for 3 months, I got over that. I guess it was a phase. I do however want to pierce somewhere else, but the person I'm seeing does not approve, so I'll pause for a while.

(3) What do you want to be in the Fashion Industry?
Uhmmm! Well I've never thought of a career in the Fashion Industry. It's not for everyone. I wanna be an Educational Psychologist /  Ethnographer, I'm still caught between the two. Thats the main focus. I've sorta tried modeling, but thats slow and with 2 jobs and a full time degree its even tougher to shove that into my schedule. So I've let go for now.

(4) What would you call yourself at the moment?
One Fuggen Determined Lad LOL


(5) Who is your style icon?
I don't have a specific style icon, but my style stems from a lot of folks, i.e. Kanye, Pharell and Linda Makhanya (local) to name a few.

(6) What are you 5 most favorite things in your closet?
  • Vintage Winter Boots
  • Chucks (In Purple, White And Turquoise) Planning On Getting More 
  • Shirt Lover 
  • Leather Gloves
  • Leather Jacket 
Bonus ; Oh and my Tiger Of Sweden Denims (My favorite pair ever) and my religion tees.

(7) What makes you feel good (that one thing you can never leave the house without) ?
Can't leave without my new gadget, Samsung S3

(8) Latest Trends
Latest trends would have to be camouflage. I see theres chucks in that print, this winter might turn out to be a colorful one. People are starting to stray just black and grey and brown, but fuse it with other colors.

(9) Advice for people who want to be like you!
People need to understand that theres a crack and flaw in every one of us, so embrace your flaws. I cant tell you how I've started to love my kiss since I realized that. LOL. Be the best at everything that you do, half hearted efforts lead to no growth and satisfaction.. And Love Your Damn Self.

For More Info About Zbu :
Twitter : @Zbu_M
Facebook : Sibusiso Zbu Masombuka
Instagram : Zbu_M

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