Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sexsomnia : Forever And More

Time Will Only Tell

(1) When did you start modeling?
I started modeling when I was 16, it wasn't something I really liked but friends and family saw potential then I was like "oh well let me give it a shot".

(2) Do you see yourself in any high fashion magazine?
Of course, it's every aspiring model to see themselves in Fashion Magazines. Thereafter it's runways around the globe.

(3) What do you hope to achieve in the modeling industry?
I hope to encourage skinny, black boys that you put your mind to can be implemented. Faith is everything, I mean we often see only white skinny men on ramps across fashion magazines, all over billboards and postcards, but never men of color. I stand for men of color, until we're recognized I won't stop doing what I love, and thats modeling.

(4) Is this a life long plan or just a short term thing you thought you'd just try?
Its been a short term try out until now cause I grew so much into it. Passion drives me.

(5) What motivates you when you stand in front of the camera?
I lose myself, I become more in touch with my inner child. I laugh, I play, I roar, in a nutshell I become easy and free.

(6) Who have you worked with so far?
I worked with Jose, for my first ever photoshoot, which Rich Mnisi style and directed. I also worked with Hulisani Malaka, a professional photographer who hails from Venda. Look out for them cause they have great work in the pipeline.

(7) Do you think you will still be a model in the next 3 years? 
(Laughs) Lets see, I'd be 21 by then *jokes*. Well I'd be doing this until the death of me, for as long as I can stand in front of that camera lens and create sparks then for sure I'm in it to stay.

(8) Five things you love about modeling!
  • Style and Fashion
  • It builds my esteem
  • Awakens my creativity 
  • Keeps me grounded (taking care of my health)
  • I get to interact with various people 
Those are my utmost favorite.

(9) Advice you the youngsters?
Modeling takes courage, it builds character. You must be strong headed and willing to take rejection and every bit of criticism which you should turn into a constructive one. Stay focused and do you.

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