Friday, June 20, 2014

Kosher Nights : Rouge Room II

I must say I never knew what Kosher was about until I had the glory of tasting the pump filled Kosher Nights Sessions. It felt like a Project X type occasion. Full blast music and people screaming with vile of sweat dripping on their divine cocoa skins. 

(1) What is Rouge Room about?
The event is about the color Rouge and all the energies that surround it. Its  play on the psychology around the colour and everything about it. The danger element, the heat, etc. All together, its a themed event primarily for the setup

(2) What's the History behind RR? 
It was our First Kosher Sessions event upstairs. As a regular, you'd know that the Kosher Sessions are mainly DJ based and KN have International acts. This was the first time we decided to always go upstairs for a different approach on events each and every time the month ends
(3) What makes the RR an tenacious event?
The people that attend it. Kosher nights events are all about the attendees and atmosphere. and as long as we keep to that standard for the patrons, the longer the event will run. 
(4) When was Rouge Room established? 
August 2nd, 2013
(5) How did it come to be a successful event? 
Hard work and effort put before the event and after the event. Pre and post marketing are the key aspect to any successful event, with that said success is a subjective thing and we rate our success on the feedback the week after each event. so far, so good.

(6) What makes it stand out?
Probably the name. 'Rouge' is french for Red, The first time we did the event we had a tonne of north American and European expats attending. we were happy and so were the cameras. Also the set up and vibe. We usually go HAM with the lighting and EFX for all our events but with this one we keep and calm and balanced red hue all night long. and it keeps everyone intrigued.

(7) Is there gonna be another kick pound action of Rouge Room, perhaps a "Rouge Room III"?
Probably, next year. but we will drop the cliche "3".

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