Thursday, September 18, 2014

Biblical Proportions & Distortions

Its a Woody Allen story. Very individualistic, one-some and to the point. Amazing to the point of reflection upon a mirror he shines and sees only in his image a God, his name is Rich Mnisi. The owner of Oath. A brand that comes undone. Magnificence in a genie's bottle. 

What is Oath about?
OATH embraces the now, OATH kids are young, dope and proud. OATH is lifestyle.

What made you come up with the name Oath? Was it some kind of transition?
OATH was OATH before it became OATH, so it just had to be OATH. The meaning is everything! Bless dictionaries.  

Tell us about the site and the contents it has! What content are people to expect?
Images of our entire product are on the website, also you can directly communicate with us and there’s a link to an online store we sell through, AKEDO Online.

Has Oath brought any change to your image as a designer and how has it empowered you
in the process?
My aesthetic and myself influence a large part of OATH. I could say though that working actually changed the way we view the fashion industry here in South Africa,which helps us grow and try spice things up.

What sets Oath aside from other brands? What makes it spontaneous?
Obvious ‘cause OATH is OATH and that brand is that brand… We’re all respectively different… With OATH I guess our youth sets us apart.

What does the future holds for your brand!
Most definitely Bloody Noses. 

Any collection that will be on the market soon? Sneak peak!
AFI Fastrack at MBFWA. Come to the show, Imma be with my fellow trackers: Ross, Tuelo and Nazneen. The raddest.

What the target market is and how it helps boost Oath's image!
Literally our target market is young, dope and proud. And therefore OATH has to maintain that idea.  

Any words of encouragement for people who want to own a brand as awesome as yours...
Oh wow, thank you! Well I don’t know. This would be a perfect question for a taste-maker, we’re incapable of such…. I guess just be yourself and refine your ideas, and don’t try too hard because it always shows.  

A few things that motivate you to do the work that you do...
When I see Shane in the morning, I’m like yes, lets do this, lets work. We focus on the bigger
picture; it makes it much easier to overcome any obstacles. 

 A Lethal Brand : Are You All Ready For Bloody Noses? 

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