Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Stains Of Being A Vintage Corset In Pink Shades

Lance Letuka Mosiea - Motloung

A little conversation with the self inspired Guru of Vintage if I may say and according to my conclusion.

Set on the rails of Facebook what more could you ask for.
Here you have a convoy over Fashion and nothing else but what you are born with.

How do you describe yourself?

*Different from the rest. Cultured and honest. Reserved yet opinionated. I am true to my being and who I want to be. I'm a great follower cause we're not all destined to lead. I am me.

What kind of Fashion do you let out there?

*Contemporary trends. I'm not really a fashion head, rather an enthusiast so I just put on what looks good and is comfortable.

Do you have a Fashion Label, if so what means do you use to advertise it?

*No, I do not, I'm just a lover of Clothing.

What have you done so far for Fashion?

*I've endorsed, I have marketed, I have done everything in the light manner, just so that I can explore the field and get to know my own style, different from everybody's look.

Where do you see yourself in 42 Months from today?

*Working for GQ and still studying for my Law Degree.

Have you collaborated with anyone in what you do?


Who have you made aware of yourself? e.g. Media Wise Or Socially.

*Yes. I am in talks with GQ Magazine in a potential job offer. I hope it goes well.

What do people say when they see you walk down the street?

*First thing they do is they question my sexuality. Then after they compliment or just turn away. I'm not keen on hearing people's opinions cause I don't dress for masses. So it's my voice that speaks the loudest.

Final words to young people like you...

*Be Authentic

He has spoken more or less about what he lakes and what has to say to the people whom Love Fashion and Embrace it.

But out of the conclusion I had made, "The Kids Got Spunk". 

Cheers I Will Certainly Drink To That.

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