Friday, August 19, 2011

The Mysteries Unraveled.

Personally I believe that clothes do not define you but in this case I believe they play a big part.
Let's Go Vintage.

Ashwin Bosman

Vintage has proven to be the new thing nowadays. And if you have realized only the Fashion Conscious  Kids  are the ones that rock 'em best. 

He has proven to rock Vintage in a way no other man dares to rock it. A little bread, tea and a mixture of social networking led to this marvelous interview. Petite. 

What type of a person are you?

* One of a kind and very loving.

Describe the person you are?

* My own individual.

3 Words that define you?

* Opinionated, Colorful and Fierce.

What is your inspiration, the way you dress and what triggers the Fashion you portray?

* I am inspired by the classical American show "Soul Train". And it's dancers, the dancer's which are featured are called "Waackers". Which are my main inspiration.

Do you believe that Africa lack Fashion and why do you say that?

* Mmmm. Well we are quite a diverse continent and I believe Fashion in Africa has it's own originality . Where Fashion Designers from outside draw inspiration from us. So I don't believe we're lacking Fashion sense at all.

Are you in a group or are you solo?

* The groups name in "VINTAGE".

What do you do, #Profession?

* I am currently in my last year of High School. I am a Waack and Vogue dancer for "Vintage".

What events have you attended! That have made you a BRAND?

* Well, I have attended a lot of Hip-Hop events that happen annually such as Strictly Hip-Hop and a few Underground Hip-Hop Shows. I would like to attend more such as JHB Fashion Week , etc. Once I've finished school I'll be a regular.

Well I have exposed the person and made the most of what I had set out to tell. #Vintage. This kid is a BRAND, don't get it twisted he is already there. He shine's and I personally love the sense of style and the person he is.

For more info:

Facebook : Ashwin Bosman Breezy-Roman
Twitter : @AshRomanVintage 

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