Saturday, August 13, 2011

Polish The Rest

Trends never die but the trend setter  always has something for each fashion propelled guru out there. We have people that always make a fashion statement when at red carpets or after parties of the well known Fashion Weeks. It’s not every day that you come across a person with the passion of Dancing and Fashion at the same time. It’s abnormal in the name of Fashion but a good combination.
Here is a person I need not say more.

Arthur Phillipus

A 20 year old who says “I won’t say I’m a trendsetter when styling myself but because I dress to how I feel, I go with anything whether baggy, skinny or bold colours”.

He is currently starting up a business that goes by the name Hauz Of Fashion. A fashion house that basically has miniature lines underneath. It gratifies for various customers.

Above reproach he is a trendsetter himself, I’d almost say he is like the great sage Karl Lagerfeld. Out of nothing he makes something, believe it or not you would want to be more like him.

And as he had previously mentioned he does look different in each attire. He owns the look, not the other way round.

He is also a very outgoing person, while out there partying he maintains his sanity by getting contacts and acquainting himself with household brands. Does the name Khabonina Qubeka mean something to you! Well this born entertainer will be featuring as a dancer in the upcoming video “Make Love”. Need I say more. He makes a living at the same time he studies at Stage Door doing Musical Theatre. That is a busy Fashion Infested Kid. =)

For more information you could might as we follow him on Twitter : @YourBoi_Cee  or  on Facebook : Cashius cee Phillipus. 

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