Thursday, October 6, 2011

Beau Cateras - "Where There Is A Clutch A Woman Will Find A Will".

Mo Handahu
Designer/Owner/Fashion Blogger

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What is your muse?!

I try to draw inspiration from everything that I come across. It takes a "whole" person to create something, meaning that every part of me, be it my emotions, thoughts or surroundings are collectively inspired by different things to make me this whole person.

How long have you been doing this! When did you start designing and how did the passion arise? Do you think Clutch Culture is noticed around the world?! Where do you see your line in a year from now?!

I started designing in July 2009 and just perfected my first simple clutch into something that represented who I am better. When I got to that point that is when Clutch Culture was launched in May 2010. There are little pockets of places around the way that have taken notice of my brand. As time goes on more and more people will definitely come to know of the brand. A year from now I'm hoping to have the clutches being carried in a few boutiques across North America and in Africa as well.

What have you done in the Fashion World that has made a difference? Who you have collaborated with? What the reaction was? 

To be honest I don't think I can even say that I have made a difference. I'm still crawling and haven't even learnt how to walk yet, so the extent of my influence is very minimal. However, as I mature in this industry and get on my feet, that will DEFINITELY change. Because of where I am in this process I haven't collaborated with anyone as of yet because I'm still trying to get to know myself first and only when I figure out what I want to do is when I'll put myself out for that next step.

Muse Mo Handahu 

How do you describe yourself looking at the kind of collections you make! Describe the person you are and how people see you? Give 5 words that mostly describe you?
I'm this random, fearless, lover of color who is not afraid of trying something new even if it's a big flop. I'd rather try, fail then find a way to better the concept I have in my head. I would like to think that people see me that way too. I try to be as transparent as I can and realize that I will fall short SO many times but I believe in progress not perfection. The five words that describe me that come to mind are QUIRKY, GIGGLY, FEARLESS, GOOFY and LOVING

Where do you reside and do you embrace where you come from?!
I currently based in Canada and DEFINITELY embrace my roots. I'm half Zambian and half Zimbabwean and growing up in Zimbabwe has made me who I am today. There is no way that foundation can never be the glue that holds together everything that I do.


What do you think of the latest fashion regarding the ladies of today?!

I'm loving that right now there is a lot of individualism when it comes to person style. Everyone is honing in to their inner self and letting their personal style shine without feeling the need to conform.

Do you think women recognize bags or they are into clothing!

I think they are almost at par just because of the co-dependant relationship of clothing and accessories. You may own more clothes than you have bags, but at the end of the day, when you put an outfit together, the bag pulls together the look


And what kind of encouragement would you give to young ladies out there?!

Everyone has a gift, explore different things to figure out what is yours and when you do, be the best possible doer of that thing. Constantly remind yourself that it is only you that will ever do that thing the way that you do it. No one did, is doing nor will ever do!

You're website's and blog and how people can contact you. 

My website is, I can also be find on my blog www.curvygeekery.blogspot.comand can be contacted at


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