Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Premium Look [First Experience] : Chinyere Ibezim

He is a 17 year old Nigerian American from New York City and lives in Delaware. "I'm a senior in high school and I want to be FAMOUS".

What is your "Style" and Who is your "Style Icon"?
INDESCRIBABLE. Its a mixture if hipster, urban, vintage, & so many other styles. No particular word to describe it. Kanye West is his style icon.

What makes you love Fashion?
I love how it shows how creative people are and fashion is a good way to express yourself.

When did you start realizing Fashion? 
Ever since I could remember. I remember telling my mother when I was four that I refuse to wear turtlenecks. I was always style conscious.

Whats your favorite thing to wear? 
I love Vintage clothing. I love bold pattern sweaters.

Does where you come from inspire the way you dress?
Yes! Because I'm originally from New York which is the Fashion capital of the world and had the most diverse selection of styles.

Where do you shop and your favorite shop? 
I almost shop anywhere. I love thrift shops, department stores, chain stores, flea markets and boutiques.

Favourite Shop : Goodwill & Urban Outfitters & Top man.

Least & Fav Trend!
Least : I hate Americans obsession with Polo!
Fav : I love how men can carry bags & totes.

For More Info About Chinyere;

Facebook : Chinyere Ibezim
Twitter : @IamChinyere
Tumblr :
Instagram : IamChinyere
Photobucket : DaKingOfNigeria

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