Thursday, March 29, 2012

Redemption "My Name Is......."

Why I Love Fashion?
I love fashion because it’s very expressive, and a kind of an art form, which is cool. Best of all, I love that you could put the craziest ensemble together and it could look amazing, or really bad, but it’s better to focus on the positive.
My take on fashion is normally ‘wear whatever you like and suits your body type and if it’s what’s considered to be trendy and over worn then make it your own’. I tend to follow current trends however always try to make it my own, or at least not wear it the way everyone is wearing it. Similarly I’ve found myself being influenced by my sisters, way of style (they’re into the whole vintage, alternative, 90s sort of look at the moment) so I’ll sometimes wear something very in at the moment and mix it with something vintage, but that’s only as of recent as like I said I like to stick to the new and in trends. 


Besides the latest high street trends and the twins influence, I’m also influenced by what’s on the catwalk and designer stuff (not that I can afford most of them) but that’s where my creative comes into play. I tend to shop on a budget which means I always have to mix and match. Besides all of that, I’m a strong believer in simplicity is always best. Nothing beats a nice little dress, cute heels and an oversized bag for the day or simple clutch for the evening in my eyes.

Basics And What’s In My Wardrobe
My basics at the moment are red lipstick (I have an obscene obsession with red lipstick, be it day or night) and dark sunglasses, can’t go wrong with them, they always create a sense of mystery if you ask me. On the other hand I’m obsessed with dresses. I’m in love with skater skirt dresses, so already stocking up on those, the necessary cut out dresses, flowy and tight of course, lace.lace.lace, high heel wedges (in all sorts of colours), and skater skirt skirts to go with cute tie-up blouse shirts or crop shirts. 


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  1. Her lace dress looks amazing on her.