Friday, March 2, 2012

Eye Of Salvation - True Revolution

Michael Mba AKA "Mikey S"

He is one of the best Photographers according to what I have seen, I have also worked with him and I must say I do look up to him. He has been my mentor through out my photographic skills. Mikey has worked with the likes of Taibo Bacar and has worked for Africa Fashion Week.

When did you first hold a camera?
1994 that I remember, might be a bit earlier, but that's the first time I had one that was mine.

What made you like Photography?
Looking at photographs from the past. I loved to be transported to times I had no idea about simply by looking at a Photograph. I wanted to be able to do the same - "Record History".

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
An established international Wedding and Fashion Photographer. I also see myself teaching and nurturing other up coming Photographers, which thankfully, I have already started doing - I'm actually answering the questions while sitting in a photography workshop that I'll be speaking at tomorrow. 

What kind of Photography do you like? 
I think I just hinted on this one already ; Wedding & Fashion with a bit of Motorsport 

6. Who have you worked with thus far that has made you appreciate Photography even more? 

Hmm... Not sure what perspective you are referring to here. Subject, Fellow Photographer, or just anyone. With the exclusion of Fellow Photographers, I would say my daughters. Being able to capture month on their lives in picture has been a blessing and doing it well to. People and events, I would say the first time I covered Africa Fashion Week. Standing there with my camera and monopod and thinking to myself, I could really do this forever, was a huge boost to keep doing what I'm doing. 

What is Photography to you? 
Simply put, my life! It is everything right now, sometimes to the peril of things that should be paramount, but that's all the time and quickly adjust when I see that happening. 

Do you think you can change how people see some other things through Photography?
That is the essence of good photography. I may not strive for this in all pictures, but I should be able to achieve it when I want to. A very recent tweet I just posted kind of relates to this too - "Good Photography is between what you wanted and what you achieved ".

Which Celebrity have you worked with and how was it?
I think who I consider to be a celebrity might not be a celebrity to others, so I'll just say no. 

Any others words of advice you want to give to kids out there whom want to be Photographers?
"Yes. You have to have passion. Passion excites one. It makes you go the extra mile, to push yourself. Without passion photography is pointless as you may never move off starting base".

If in Doubt... Google! 

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