Thursday, March 29, 2012

There Is A Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Kwame Acheampong


1. What inspires you as a model?
FFM. Fashion, feel, music. What I’m wearing, the feeling of the location/set/runaway and the music. You’re not really supposed to walk to the beat but the music is such a bonus for me because it gets me so hyped. Sets the mood.

2. Out of all of the experience that you have had as a model what have you enjoyed the most walking the ramp and just going for photo-shoots? 
I think my favorite show so far was for Black Trash at Botswana Fashion week. I’ve walked for them before. I’m always hungry for their clothing. I think it’s because it had the complete FFM for me. I chose the music, choreographed and walked in their show. It was frickin crazy.

3. Do you believe that you will make it in the Fashion/ Modeling world?
Who knows? I enjoy it but it’s not my main goal or focus in life. It just happens to be doing something for me right now. Getting me a little closer to what I want to do with my life and teaching me things. I tell people this all the time because it’s my absolute truth, I really don’t think I’m that good of a model. I’m just competent. I can’t believe a compliment. I do appreciate them though.

4. How was it working at the Botswana Fashion Week, Color In The Desert and various campaigns?
Bots Fashion Week was nice. It got press didn’t it? Like I already said, the highlight for me was the Black Trash show. I ended up winning Bots Fashion Week along with 3 other models. Basically we’re Botswana’s top models I guess. But I was just like, *shrugs*.
Color In The Desert was pretty dope. I learnt and worked with great professional people, met humans etc. I got to walk for David Tlale which was pretty cool. I liked his collection a lot. He’s really chilled, focused. People have the wrong image of him so he proved my belief of getting to know someone first, not to just assume.

5. Give 5 words of encouragement to models out there that don't believe they can make it in the industry!  Crap, I dislike these sorts of questions. I like to explain things so to summarize my many ideas in a few words is always difficult. Eh….BELIEVE, work hard, ENJOY, be professional, get ready for rejection and always have a back-up plan. See, I told you I can’t do questions like that.


1. Where do you get you Fashion style?
Psssh. I don’t even think I’m fashionable. Like many people I just wear what I feel. Fashion is such an easy way to express one’s self. When I put on clothing I like it to represent something. I wear something to represent my mood, or a time period, an age, a part of !pop! culture, a common trait of a certain type of human etc. I like to mix ideas, styles, classes and trends. I don’t really think about it, I just put ish on.

2. What motivates you to look good everyday and change your hair do's?
I don’t know. I don’t ever really try to look good unless I’m going to some sort of event. I never really think I look bad though. I won’t allow that. Thank the gods I was blessed with this canvas that clothes seem to look good on. Funny, my hair never comes out the way I plan it to but I end up with something I like. I’m into color sort of. Since I bleached and coloured my hair I can’t imagine myself without just a little bit of color.

3. Who is your style icon and what is your style? 
Humans. I like how humans dress. Haha. I don’t have one really. There are many things that I like about so many people, celebrities and us common folk. My style? *shrugs*

4. What is your Favorite item out of all of your clothing?
Its not clothing but it has to be my sunglasses. I have quite a few but maybe my black Ray-Ban’s in particular. I almost never take them off. Not in class, exams, indoors, at night….I LIVE IN THEM. Haha

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